May 31, 2022


Since our patients have different needs, we have several service offerings.

Rule-out service

Many patients come to us because their primary care doctor has found an abnormal value on their unrelated blood test, they learned about a condition that they think may inflict them, or they are concerned about a change in how they are feeling. For such patients, we offer a one-time service for $450 that covers the following:

  • Initial one hour consultation to go over existing labs, radiology reports, and to discuss concerns.
  • A referral to a national lab for targeted diagnostic testing and/or referral for additional radiological studies.
  • A 30 minute follow-up appointment to discuss findings and determine next steps.

As a special benefit, should it be determined that you have a condition requiring ongoing care, we will credit your payment toward the first six months of service (see below).

Ongoing Care

We have had over a decade of exceptional success improving lives of our patients. For less than a price of a cup of coffee, $2.75/day, we want to give you that opportunity as well. Our ongoing care package includes:

  • Being able to get in touch with the doctor and schedule an appointment with minimal delays. Virtual care is as effective in Rheumatology as in-person care (we started doing Telehealth before COVID-19 hit), and is generally available same week.
  • Physical appointments tend to be less available, but are an option for those who need them.
  • You have access to the physician when you need it. Not the nurse, not the assistant, not the insurance concierge.
  • The doctor is working with you. Not with the computer, which is required by federal guidelines insurance companies and hospitals follow.
  • We can also do multi-way virtual appointments with patients anywhere in the state of Texas, as well as their truest family members or friends anywhere in the world. We may not always be experts in your native language, but if you have a trusted partner who can translate, we don’t all have to be in the same room.
  • If you have an insurance plan with out-of-network benefits, we can supply you with an in-depth receipt to support your claim after each visit.

This service is charged for every six months at the cost of $500.

Long-term Maintenance

Once the disease is in remission in the Doctor’s view, we can switch you to a maintenance plan at a cost of less than a dollar a day. During this time you will have one check up visit every six months, during which we will review updated diagnostic results and review your well being. We can also update you on recent trends in the field of Rheumatology and see if any changes need to be implemented.

This services is charged for every six months at a cost of $150.

Resumption charge

Life is full of unexpected situations. We understand. However, restarting medical service in Rheumatology is often harder than starting from scratch. Which is why we have to charge a resumption fee of $450 to cover the extra effort required.