May 31, 2022

Benefits of Direct Patient Care Model

If you are like the vast majority of people in America, you have encountered the same healthcare playbook in the past decade – you have to wait weeks or months to see a doctor, only to watch them fill out endless forms and barely listen to you. Or not seeing a doctor at all, as many health systems purchased and then replaced many physicians with mid-level providers. And that’s only the “front door” – endless fights with insurance companies begin at that point.

Why are we part of this unintelligible dance? Because the vast majority of patients are not the medical system’s customers. The real customers are the insurance companies, in most cases representing the Federal bureaucracy. The patients, thus, become units of count, with doctors being more concerned with filling out forms and clicking boxes rather than focusing on patients’ needs. Don’t blame them – it’s actually the law.

Fortunately, we can partner to break that cycle. The solution is called Direct Patient Care (DPC). The closest analogy to it is Amazon Prime. It enables the platform, with an annual subscription, to take care of details you, as a shopper, would otherwise have to worry about, such as shipping costs, timeliness of delivery, selection of vendors, etc.

In healthcare, DPC model provides a number of benefits to patients:

  • You are never a number on your card. Our patients are our family.
  • You have access to the physician when you need it. Not the nurse, not the assistant, not the insurance concierge.
  • The doctor is working with you. Not with the computer, which is required by federal guidelines that insurance companies and hospitals follow.
  • We offer virtual appointments with very minimal delays. Did you know that Rheumatology is one of the few medical fields where there is no difference between virtual and physical? Diagnosis in this field is complicated, but is purely analytical – we have no tools we can apply to patients’ bodies. We consider a ton of data points, but they come from lab testing, radiographic studies, and interviews with patients and families.
  • We offer physical appointments in our beautiful, ADA-compliant McKinney office.
  • We can also do multi-way virtual appointments with patients anywhere in the state of Texas, as well as their truest family members or friends anywhere in the world. We may not always be experts in your native language, but if you have a trusted partner who can translate, we don’t all have to be in the same room.
  • Insurance or not, you get the same great service and depth of knowledge and experience. If you happen to have insurance with out of network benefits, we’ll give you an itemized receipt you can present to your carrier for reimbursement.

We look forward to welcoming you to our extended family!